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                Home > Service > Question
                1、No Pressure

                A、Only a little bit pressure

                a. Check if the air valve has been tightened or has been changed        b. Check if the inlet/putlet is in the reverse direction        c. Check if the electrode poles are in the reverse direction        d. Check if the release valve has been changed        e. Check the pipe system

                B、No pressure

                a Send it back

                2、Mechanical Seal

                A、If the pump runs in idle way

                B、To buy a new mechanical seal for replacement

                3、There’s noise when pump operates

                A、If there’s any waste or rubbish within the pump

                B、Whether the pipe system is clean

                C、Send back to the company or get service man for repairing

                4、Miscellaneous problem

                A、Traffic flow movement, the Q value is too large, the actual working point and working point is inconsistent

                B、Water hammer high pressure water, impact caused by inverted irrigation

                C、The cavitation caused by low flow pressure in the pump can damage the damage of each component.

                D、The liquid that should be operated by the pump is caused by a very high cavitation.