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                • In 2013

                  Taibo Pumps Company was identified as "Technology Styled Small & Mid-sized Enterprise in Jiangsu Province" by Wuxi Technology Bureau
                • In 2012

                  Taibo Pumps Company become "Brand Strategic Alliance Enterprise" of website company HC360.
                  Taibo Pumps Company was identified as "Research & Development Institution of Science & Technology" by Wuxi Technology Bureau.
                • In 2011

                  Taibo Pumps was named as “Famous Trademark of Jiangsu Province ".
                • In 2009

                  Taibo Pumps Company was named as "AAA grade Enterprise with Re-contract & Trustworthy Reputation".
                  Taibo Pumps was appraised as "Top Ten Brands of Pumps’ & Valves" in the industry competition of the 6th China Water Industry.
                • In 2008

                  Taibo Pumps was assessed as "Top Ten Innovative Brands " in the "Runxin Cup" of China's water industry in 2008.
                • In 2007

                  Taibo Pumps Company was rated as "A-class Enterprise of Observing Contracts & Keeping Promise".
                • In 2004

                  New brand TB (N) was founded and popular world wide.
                • In 2003

                  The new limited liability company by shares-Wuxi Taibo Pumps Co.,Ltd-was registered to establish.
                • In 1996

                  The stainless steel vertical multistage centrifugal Pump was developed, which was suitable for the construction and industrial market. It was popular with the brand "Tianhe Star QDL (F)".
                • In 1995

                  Sole invested enterprise was established - Wuxi Tianhe Water Supply & Drainage Equipment Factory (predecessor of Taibo Pumps).