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                Taibo Pumps Company attaches great importance to quality management, and has achieved ISO9001 quality system certification, in accordance with the system, Taibo Pumps Company has kept improving product quality, and obtained well-known trademark in Jiangsu province, as well as recognition of National Hi-tech Enterprises.

                Taibo Pumps Company has a separate 1000 m2 rooms for technology & research, well equipped with facilities and advanced R & D testing equipments. At present, the company has CNC lathes, laser welding machine, surface grinding machine, the energy-saving fast hydraulic press, engraving and milling machine, machining center and the balancing machine, vertical water pump test system etc., which could satisfy the demand of the project testing.

                There has been a good cooperative relationship between  Taibo Pumps Company and the domestic key university of science & technology, the main way of which is based on the project, the university provides the technical support and send staff to participate in the research, to solve technical problems and speed up scientific & technological achievements into industrialization, then guarantee the products in a advanced position in the industry. On this basis, the company has passed the identification of Wuxi High Efficiency & Energy Saving of Centrifugal Pumps Research Center, as well as that of the National Identification of High-tech Enterprises.

                Taibo Pumps Company imported laser welding technology in 2004, which was the first domestic company applying for laser welding technology in the industry, through many years’ application and practice, the company has occupied an advanced position in the field of domestic laser welding technology. It’s also the first company that use laser welding technology in the domestic pump industry, and has many years’ experience of laser welding technology, all these advanced equipment and technology strengthen the reliability and stability of product performance, improving the efficiency of the pumps. The advantages of laser welding could be summarized as follows: components have good quality with stability and reliability; welding lines are deep and narrow, as well as bright and shining; there is a fast welding speed with small thermal deformation; high density performance to prevent leakage; high precision control to ensure the firm welding lines.