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                Taibo Pumps Company Building the first brand of high end multistage pump


                As a high-end pump pursuit, so Wuxi Bo pump has the "high quality" and "service" in the first place, the development of multistage pump to help customers the best high-end market. As the first company to locate the high-end pump market in China, it has met the challenges and risks of the market. Meanwhile, it has also made remarkable achievements. 80% of its business has been abroad, and has been trusted by customers, and has achieved long-term cooperation with customers. To lead the market with high-end pumps, win the market by word of mouth and create quality with heart, is the way of management of the Taibo pump industry for many years.

                The following is the interview too hc360.com Bo pump general manager Ms. Yu, let us listen to the road development ideas and concept of Texpo pump.

                Ms. Yu, the general manager of Wuxi Taibo Pump Industry Co., Ltd., has been engaged in pump and valve industry for more than ten years. With many years of high-quality and efficient management experience and high-end market positioning, he is determined to build the first brand of the domestic high-end multistage pump.

                Market: focus on high-end specialties

                Reporter: Wuxi Taibo pump industry is always committed to build high-quality pump products. Please tell me what the market position of Taibo pump is in the domestic market at this stage.

                Ms. Yu: every enterprise will have its own location, good location to know what we are doing, the current domestic production of multistage pump manufacturers, from the point of view of market demand, the low end pump market coverage, the pressure of competition, and the market is not standardized, market disorder, therefore, our company the enterprise located in the production of high-end based multistage pump. There are three main reasons:

                1. Technical guarantee. The quality of the multilevel pump produced by Wuxi Taibo pump industry has been certified by the state through technical testing.

                2. consumers are very satisfied with our products, including our pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, can provide a comprehensive solution for the enterprise.

                3. the high-end pump in the market has a more long-term competitiveness.

                Market changes are unpredictable, but we think that quality is always the basis of the survival of the enterprise. Therefore, Wuxi Taibo pump industry does not pursue the position of the market, our goal is to "build the first brand of China''''s high-end multilevel pump"!

                Reporter: compared with other similar pump products, the pump price of Taibo pump industry in Wuxi is slightly higher than that of other peer businesses. What is the price basis of your pump product? So will the status of this peer company affect the market share of the Taibo pump industry?

                Ms. Yu: the high end pump can be called "high end", mainly based on "high quality" and "high service".

                First, it is now an information age, and the price of each industry is also very transparent. "Too Bobeng" price positioning in the high-end, so we from raw materials procurement to production, to product molding, which each step will strive to do better. So we are higher in the utility of the product than the other manufacturers in the industry, and the cost is higher.

                Second: high prices may reduce our price competitiveness, but this is like domestic mobile phone market, some people do Shanzhai, but some companies are focused on producing high-end brand phones. Always use the brand to drive the market trend! Therefore, we strive to use quality and brand to seek sales and market, we believe that high quality will certainly bring big sales!

                Reporter: it is learnt that the pump products of Wuxi Taibo pump company use high quality materials and focus on high-end market. Have you considered the expansion of other markets?

                Ms. Yu: the core competitiveness of Wuxi''''s Bo pump is vertical multistage pump, multistage pump is our professional manufacturer, we walk the line of high-end products, is to take a more long-term, more secure, we do not pursue short-term benefits, pay more attention to the long-term effect, the Texpo is a professional manufacturer of high-end vertical multistage pump pump the.

                Some domestic users are not aware of the high-end pump, so the establishment of the high-end pump market needs a certain amount of time, we still have a long way to go. We also hope that through the publicity of enterprises and industry efforts to build the domestic high-end pump market as soon as possible, the quality gap between domestic and international pump pump, in order to be able to do a good job in the high-end market, we will focus on improving and perfecting our products and services in the short term, not involved in other product areas!

                Sales: channel development out of the country

                Reporter: according to the understanding of the Taibo multilevel pump market or more strange, how long has it been established? What is the business model of your company? Is this sales way to win the trust of customers?

                Ms. Yu: we are involved in 1995 pump industry, technology principle of the pump is very familiar with, we established the "Texpo" brand in 2004, therefore, on the market a lot of customers may be unfamiliar to the Texpo "," Milky Way star "relatively familiar, in fact, the" Milky Way star "is" too Bo "predecessor.

                Wuxi Bo pump sales to other companies is special, so far there is not a sales staff, our sales model is mainly rely on these channels, channel 80% is a foreign trade company, they are mainly responsible for our product sales to Southeast Asia and europe. In this case, our quality is the basis of cooperation, the quality of the high end pump is the key to the transaction. We are relying on such high-end, professional quality to win the trust of customers, our cooperative customer renewal rate is more than 98%! For the domestic market, we mainly rely on word of mouth publicity, once used customers, are satisfied with our products, are willing to choose again, and recommend to other businesses. As a result, the high-end pump is the core brand of Taibo.

                Word of mouth: you can rest assured of quality

                Interviewer: "too demanding quality and assured you" is the brand concept of Taibo pump in Wuxi. How do you guarantee service quality in customer service?

                Ms. Yu: we think service is a whole concept, including pre-sale, sale and after-sales service. We will send the pre-sales product performance, technical parameters and specifications do detailed explanation to the customer, and according to the actual situation of the customer, answer and be recommended for close to customers; we strive to field installation, long distance, we will send technicians to do phone tracking, installation problems, timely solve the problems; the timely maintenance and replacement.

                In fact, the pump between high-end high-end quality, high-end multistage pump repair rate is far below the ordinary multistage pump, even though we continue to improve our services, do tracking, life-long maintenance, discover a problem, solve in time, we focus on the protection of the interests of users!

                Reporter: innovation has become an essential business concept for enterprises. How does Wuxi Taibo pump industry understand and use "innovation"?

                Ms. Yu: 2008 Wuxi Texpo pump obtained ten innovative companies HC issued, this is not only the industry to our recognition, but also the consumer confidence in our products, we will continue to uphold the excellent traditional enterprises, efforts to develop more and better products. In the field of high-end multi-stage pump, there are many difficulties that cannot be conquered at home. We are also constantly challenged and constantly innovating to push the technology of high-end pumps to a higher stage.

                Reporter: does the financial crisis of 2008 have an impact on the development of Wuxi Taibo pump industry?

                Ms. Yu: the financial crisis has a great impact on our Wuxi Taibo pump industry, because our previous 80% business is a foreign market. But the financial crisis is a good opportunity for us. The shrinking of foreign markets has made us focus our attention on the domestic market. We find that the demand for high-end and multi-stage pumps in our country is far more than our market expectations. We will increase investment in the domestic market, and tap the market of high-end pumps in China through our high-quality products. Let more users buy the cheap and high-end multilevel pumps in China''''s own production.