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                Half a century of trials and hardships, half a century like songs.

                The rapid economy growth of a country depends on a number of domestic

                Taibo Pumps Company has experienced more than 20 years from its beginning to now, it’s may be said a pioneering 20 years, a rough 20 years, a harvesting 20 years. Growing out of nothing, expanding from a small to a large force, from a small workshop at the beginning to a leading enterprise in the industry at present, we have passed through a period full of struggling with blood and sweat.

                Taibo Pumps Company always gives a top priority to practice, innovation and

                application, sticking to the business concept "no best, only better", adhering to the ideology "Taibo pursues the quality to ensure your satisfaction ", pursuing the way that  Taibo Pumps are everywhere within this industry.

                 We will continue to work hard, and constantly in pursuit of first-class quality and service, then make it more economic, more optimizing, more perfect to meet the needs of all kinds of industrial systems. Hereby, we sincerely welcome friends from all sectors of society to visit Taibo, seeking common development, creating corporate brilliance.

                Thank you for your attention and support!